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Masters Confirm 2 NEW FIXTURES!

January 24, 2019

Rugby League Ireland are delighted to announce the 2 up and coming Masters Fixtures. With Both the ROI Masters due to play in Dublin

and the Ulster Masters playing in Belfast. 

Masters Rugby League started in the Southern Hemisphere in1992 and has continuously grown in popularity, spreading to many countries including the United Kingdom, France and in April 2018 it came to Ireland. Since coming to Ireland it has grown, with the increasing demand for fixtures.

The Rugby League Masters caters for all levels of fitness and all age groups over 35.  Masters is strictly a social version of the sport and the rules are slightly modified to cater for the older player.  There is minimal tackling and players can also opt out of tackling and use tags instead.

There are no winners, no champions and no cup finals. It is all about promoting the spirit of the game.

Thinking about playing why don't you sign up ? Click here to sign up!

ROI MASTERS vs Leeds Masters

Venue - Coolmine Rugby Club

Date - 3rd March 2019

ULSTER MASTERS vs Hindpool Tigers Masters (Cumbria)

Venue - Malone Rugby Club

Date - 17th March 2019 (St. Patricks Day)

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