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February 11, 2019

The Irish rugby league needs your help

As we continue to build our high performance squad in Ireland, it is of the aim to partake in challenge matches vs various semi professional and professional sides in the UK. This a huge step forward towards professional rugby league in Ireland. The aim is to have all the top level Irish based players playing sides from abroad to gain the necessary experience to aid Irelands chances of World Cup Qualification and laying the foundations for future plans for Rugby League Ireland. 

This step requires financial backing and Rugby League Ireland are offering sponsorship opportunities for this Irish Select side who will participate abroad. Only players who are playing in the domestic league are eligible for selection. Whether you are from Cork or Canterbury, Dublin or Dubai all we are looking for is someone who is passionate about building a legacy that they would be proud of. By helping to build these foundations you could be part of the first steps to professional rugby league in Ireland.

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