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One Month to Go! Ireland Clubs v Norway!

March 06, 2019

Norway rugby league are coming to town to face the best of Irelands domestic talent. A physical encounter is on the cards and an experience that will only help develop Irish rugby league even further. With many of the Irish team having one eye on the world cup qualifiers in the autumn it is important they don’t take their eye off the challenge ahead.

Speaking to RLI.ie, Irish Clubs Manager Kenny Caladine had his say on the Norway game next month:

“It’s fantastic to get a fixture like this so early in the season, not only for the players but for the coaches also. It’s a great opportunity for them to gauge where players are in terms of fitness as well as find areas that we need to work on over the upcoming season. It’s often said that we have potential here in Ireland, but in order to showcase the potential we need to play international matches. We need to exposure our home grown players to this cauldron of international rugby. It’s going to be tough but the rewards are there. There is a of a full international cap dangling in front of these guys and also the potential to represent Ireland at a World Cup next year. There is no greater reward.

The hard graft in pre-season matters but performances on the pitch are the most important aspect. Training has cranked up a bit and with so much talent available picking the team is going to be a headache. Norway will be a tough side and will present their own so make sure you get down to Gormanston Park where there is sure to be a fine display of Rugby League on April 6th.”

Ireland Clubs XIII take on Norway April 6th in Gormanston Park. Kick-off is at 3PM with free admission. Don’t miss the up and coming talent that Ireland and Norway has to offer.

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