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Meet the Players: Seosamh McDonagh

May 31, 2019

Name: Seosamh Mc Donagh

Age: 22

Club: Galway Tribesmen

Position: Winger

Other sports played: Union and football 

Nickname: Noelzy

Honours in league: None so far 

How’s preparation been for the upcoming game:

It’s been really good, we’ve been improving each week and we can’t wait for the Fetherstone game as it’ll show us where we’re at.  

What’s been a surprise within training:

The pace that we’re moving at and the improvements week to week has really been surprising, everyone seems to be on the same page and it makes things run very smoothly.

What are you looking to get from this upcoming game:

Personally I’m looking to test myself against players who will have a lot more experience but it’ll be a good gauge of where I’m at. 

Which of your teammates has impressed you most:

There’s plenty of serious players there but I’d say Matty Hadden has impressed the most, always draws extra bodies in but usually finds an offload!

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