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Meet Phill Morrisson

September 06, 2019

Phill Morrison



Banbridge Broncos


How did you get into Rugby League?

I started playing rugby league in 2010 with the Portadown pumas, it was a case of during the summer after a union season to keep fit for the following season but really enjoyed the energetic pace and found it suited me more as a player never looked back since.

Tell us a little bit about the game up North and your involvement with the Banbridge Broncos:

As to the broncos Sam Boyd, mark Parker and myself got talking and we wanted to keep rugby league alive up north so we brought our heads together and rebuilt the pumas, we had a good number of games this season but with a few teams folding it was a bit of hit and miss season, we have a lot of talent in the squad and a lot of boys willing to carry on for next season and we’re hoping the conference league with the southern teams which means more frequent games and we are looking to play good footy and make a dent in the league, hopefully spreading the word of rugby league up north and there may be more players interested in playing and creating more teams for following seasons.

How has your own training been going? After a set back with the injury you have bounced back even stronger, so how are you feeling as you get ready to get back over to Featherstone for the rematch?:

My personal training is going well, from playing against Featherstone last time out I’d broken two ribs during the match, then I had 8 weeks out before playing against Keighly, from losing half a stone I felt lighter on my feet and fitter. I was brought in to hooker for the last game, I felt at home there as I feel I’ve a strong defensive game and I don’t shy away from contact. As I get closer to the travelling and match day gets closer I’m anxious as it’s playing the team I got injured in. But it’s good nerves at the same time as I am looking forward to the rematch, come kick off I’ll be stuck in the middle controlling players around with a good communication throughout the game. I’m most looking forward to my first contact after that I can relax into the game.

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