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Spirited Irish Clubs Performance Falls Short

November 09, 2019

Don’t ever let the weather get the better of you. That’s what both teams decided today as a

potential cancellation was avoided by some clever reworking of the playing area and a hugely

anticipated clash was allowed to commence.

As fatigue set in and a sudden shower burst hit the pitch the ball became difficult to

keep for the sets of six but both teams worked hard to ensure they used the ball to maximum effect.

The game ended shortly after and both sides showed their respect to each other and their

appreciation to those watching. The English experience proved pivotal in a toughly contested match 

where it just got away from the Irish players in the dying stages

Full Match Report to Follow

Domestic Club XIII – Sam Cullen, Kevin Varga, Emmet Banahan, Seosamh McDonagh, Matt Connolly,

Shane Kelly, Fiach Millward, Matthew Towey, Patrick Anglin, Sean O’Sullivan, Jack O’Sullivan, Conor

Creaby, Euan Tiernan. Repacements: Paul Bolger, Phil Morrison, Eoin Creaby, Denny McCarthy

England Lions U23’s – Tom Sowerby, Joshua Poskitt, Jack Reynolds, Jack Watts, Sam Arrowsmith,

Harry Tyson-Wilson, Dean Rooney, Brad Hailes, Harvey Gotts, Jack Georgiou, Jacob More, Liam

Kenyon, Sam Lewis. Replacements: Jack Smith, Danny Cassidy, Connor Molyneux, Marc Lomas,

Harry McAllister.

Domestic Club XIII 14

Tries: Tiernan, Connolly, McDonagh

Goals: Millward

England Lions U23’s 26

Tries: Jack Reynolds 2, Tom Sowerby, Jack Watts, Danny Cassidy

Goals: Joshua Poskitt 2, Danny Cassidy

Referee – James Spencer

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